All Jojonomic management applications are strong alone - but they are getting stronger together.

Organize your company better, increase employee productivity and grow your company — all with just one stack of applications.

Say goodbye to conventional paper clutter, and welcome efficient management, using only one set of tools integrated with each other to help increase productivity and practicality.

Submit your administrative needs to automated processes and let your employees focus on more important tasks that will help your company grow exponentially.


Automate the mundane tasks, and make more time for your passion.

Submit your payroll manual to JojoPayroll and finish more things.

Customize according to your company size.

Big or small, your company can work for the future.


FreePer User/Month

  • + Easily Make a Paycheck
  • + Automatic Calculation for PPH21 and BPJS
  • + Unlimited Staff


Contact UsCustom Setting

  • Business Benefit with**:
    • + Smart Employee Loan*
    • + Direct Connection Transfer to 150+ Banks in Indonesia
    • + Team Support
    • + Training Session

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